looking back

I can't believe I haven't posted these photos yet... it's been over two months since I visited Seattle! Well, it's never too late I guess, so here are some shots I took when I went down to Pike Place market! I went later in the day, so they were getting ready to close, but I did get the nibble on some yummy snacks, like cheese bread from Piroshky Piroshky, which is a must try if you ever visit!

The famous bubble gum wall! It's pretty gross, but it makes a great backdrop for photos, haha! This photo doesn't do it justice, but when you see it in person, you will be amazed at all the gum that's there! It's funny because a lot of people stuck their business cards onto the gum... what an interesting way to market yourself, haha!

I went on a little stroll on the boardwalk area next to where the ferris wheel is located. I loved watching the ferries go by... I haven't been on one since I was little. I remember being so fascinated that you could take your car on the boat, then drive off once you arrived on the island. Have you ever been on a ferry?

The night ended with some delicious Molly Moon's ice cream! It was a real treat, and thinking about it makes me want some right now! I ordered one of their seasonal flavors, which I forget the name of, but it was just great....

Looking back through all of the pictures I took, I am definitely missing my hometown! I hope to go back one day... Are you from Seattle, or ever visited? What's your favorite place to go there?

Have a great weekend everyone!   

— Minna