Review: Frank Body Coffee Scrub

I purchased several products from Frank Body, based in Australia most well-known for their coffee scrubs and their fun branding. Here are my thoughts!


Original Coffee Scrub: Made with coffee grounds, almond oil, salt, brown sugar, and more, this scrub is supposed to aid in scrubbing away dry flakes and to help with certain skin conditions like eczema, stretch marks, and psoriasis. I've used this scrub on my body and on my face! When I use it on my face I like to mix the scrub with some honey and let it sit on my face after scrubbing. I find that after I use the scrub, my skin feels smooth and moisturized from the oils. I haven't really seen any improvements in terms of helping with stretch marks or scars in general, but I like the smoothing effect. 

Creamy Face Scrub: With a white clay base, it contains walnut shells and coffee grounds for exfoliating. It's way more gentle than the regular coffee scrub which I like. I use it as a mask sometimes since it has white clay which is good for detoxifying the skin. 

Body Cream: This was just like any other body cream and reminded me of the body butters from The Body Shop. It's thick and I found that it didn't absorb into the skin as fast as i'd would've liked, but it smelled so good!


Honestly, the only reason I purchased Frank Body products was because they have an awesome Instagram page, and being a designer, their branding is on point so I instantly fell in love. Kudos to their marketing team! Overall, I like their products and they make a nice addition to my collection of skincare products. There are a lot of DIY coffee scrubs you can try making at home that will do the same thing.