Bottega Louie : Los Angeles, CA

I realized I never wrote about my trip to California last year! In the next several weeks i'll share my experiences at some of the places I visited. This California trip was the first time going as an adult; the last time was probably when I was in middle school. I made a huge list of all the places I wanted to explore! I wasn't able to go to all of them, but I checked off quite a few places. The first place I wanted to try was the highly rated Bottega Louie

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Bottega Louie is a Gourmet Market, Patisserie, Restaurant and Café, with an extensive selection of sweet and savory goods. They are most well known for their perfectly made desserts. As soon as you walk in the doors you are greeted by rows and rows of colorful macarons. There were 18 different flavors and each one was so beautiful! I ordered a box or 12. Each macaron costs $2.50. I also got a few eclairs and little cream filled donuts. Each eclair cost $4.50.

The pastries came in a beautiful box (which I still have to this day), and my favorite pastry was the eclair. It was my first time trying an eclair and it was so creamy on the inside with a flaky dough. For $4.50, its pricey, but i'd definitely get it again.

I've tried macarons from many other bakeries before, so I knew what to expect from a perfect macaron, and they usually cost $2-3, so for $2.50 I thought it was very reasonable. The macarons were nice and chewy with a crisp layer. The fillings were all very decadent. 

I was sad that I wasn't able to eat at their restaurant which is also highly reviewed. That is something I will need to try the next time I visit LA! Have you been to Bottega Louie? If so, how did you like it, and what did you order?

Bottega Louie700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Rating : 5/5

Price : $$$