Weekend in Vancouver, BC Canada


Vancouver is only about a three hour drive from Seattle. The last time I went to Canada was over two years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and quick the drive was! The main reason we went to Canada was to see the annual "Celebration of Light" fireworks competition. Three countries compete and the Saturday we went was Japan! You can pay to get special viewing seats, but we found a free spot at a nearby beach and got a pretty good view!

Earlier in the day we explored Stanley Park, which is a 405-hectare public park that borders the downtown area of Vancouver. It is surrounded by the waters of Vancouver Harbour and English Bay. It's a huge park and you can drive around the perimeter to see all the lovely views. There's also an aquarium you can visit!

The next night we went to the Richmond Night Market! The Richmond Night Market is an annual food market festival held through the summer months in Richmond and features lots of asian cuisines. There are also a ton of games and performances that you can enjoy! I got to try a raindrop cake which was really weird! It's like eating a solid blob of water so not much taste. I also got the "Rotato" which is a twisty fried potato covered in sour cream & onion powder!

It was a nice weekend, eating lots and lots of food! I hope to go back again soon! Next time during the colder season, I want to drive up to Whistler and do some snowboarding!

Love, Minna