Yayoi Kusama Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum

When I heard Yayoi Kusama was exhibiting in Seattle this summer I was super duper excited! During my last trip to LA, I was really wanting to see her exhibit at The Broad Museum but wasn't able to. Thankfully I was able to experience her amazing work right here in Seattle!

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who is a self-described “obsessional artist”. Kusama suffered from hallucinations since childhood that often involved fields of dots which influences a lot of her work. She chose to live in a psychiatric hospital in Tokyo for almost 40 years. Her work reflects the physical and psychological boundaries of painting, with the seemingly endless repetition of the marks creating an almost hypnotic sensation for both the viewer and the artist.

Her exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum showcases some of her art in a gallery-style, while other exhibits are in immersive isolated rooms. You line up at each room, and you get to go inside for only 20-30 seconds. In The Obliteration Room, you are given a sheet of colorful dot stickers, and you can place the stickers anywhere in the white room.

Going to Kusama's exhibit was an amazing experience and something that I would highly recommend if you're in Seattle or planning to visit! The exhibition runs until September 10. All of the advance tickets are sold out, but you can go early and line up to get the daily tickets. I advise you go and wait around 8 or 9am (SAM opens at 10am).