My Living Room


It’s been almost one year since I moved into my first condo! It’s a small space so i’m still figuring out how to place all my furniture. I think for now, this configuration works for me! Even though the living room is small, I have tall ceilings which i’m grateful for! It makes the room feel a lot more spacious. I just got this bigger rug for a new couch that I ordered from West Elm. It should be arriving next month so i’m super excited for that! The couch that I have now is the Peggy couch from West Elm, which is now discontinued due to many customer complaints. Their customer service was very good and they were kind enough to let me return this couch for a full refund and exchange for a different couch. I purchased the “Harmony” couch, and I tested it out in the store first, and I am pretty happy with how comfy and soft it is! I’ll be sure to share an updated living room photo once the new couch arrives.