Winter Lip Saviors


December is here, and my lips are ready to be lathered in moisturizing balms. My whole body seems to get dried out from the winter air, especially my lips. Here are some of my top favorite lip products!

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm : I think this is a popular product for a reason. It does an awesome job of keeping my lips moisturized and it smells so nice!

Farmacy Honey Savior : A great multi-tasking repair salve that works for the face and body. I like to use it on my lips and on dry patches on my face.

Dior Plumping Lip Balm : One of my favorites. It has a heavenly rose scent, and I always apply this when i’m doing my makeup. It has a slight plumping effect, and adds a nice gloss.

Le Labo Lip Balm : A great everyday balm that melts into the skin, it’s unscented, which is nice for those that are sensitive to scents.

28 Litsea Melted Balm : An all-purpose balm that can also be used on the body.

Milk + Honey Lip Butter : This lip butter has one of the best scents. To me it smells like fresh gingerbread cookies! Yummy.

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