Summer Daze


Can't believe how fast this summer has come and gone. It's already September! I've been busy working everyday so haven't really gotten much time off to enjoy summertime. One thing i'm looking forward to is that i'm going to Hawaii again next month! Last year in March was my first time visiting and it was amazing! If you have any good food recommendations please let me know!

As we're closing in on the last quarter of the year, i've been doing a lot of reflection on life and what I want to do in the future! In the new year, there will be some changes happening in my life and it'll be a tough time for me. I will need to be strong and stay positive! It's crazy how fast life and change and it can be scary and sad sometimes but change brings something good and new that we should also appreciate.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. 

Love, Minna