Meet Kuma!


Back in January, I welcomed a new member to my family! A sweet little toy poodle puppy named Kuma. She was a tiny little thing and would just sleep all day long like a potato. Over the next few months, her personality began to form and now she’s quite energetic! She has become a best pal and I love her so much!


She was only 1.5 pounds when we first got her, but now she is a little over 5 pounds - she grew pretty fast! It’s so weird looking at old photos of her and seeing how much she’s changed! Just like a real child haha. Kuma is now 7 months old and living her best life! Sleeping, eating and pooping all day long. It was a bit tough when we first got her since it was during the winter month. We had to deal with the freezing cold and snow! We made sure to keep her warm and bundled up. If you’re thinking of getting a new puppy, I recommend getting one during spring-time!


You can follow Kuma’s adventures on her Instagram!