Life Pieces Feature + GIVEAWAY!

* Get the chance to win this wonderful pincushion *
made by Jerry from Live Pieces on Etsy (:

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(Giveaway ends August 7th)


Please tell me about yourself and your lovely shop:
I'm Jerry, female, and in my thirties. I came from China years ago, and currently live in Philadelphia. I like make things and giving them as gifts to my family and friends. in 2005, there was an online event calling for donations for Katrina victims, so I made a teddy bear and sent it to the "CraftRevolution" Etsy store. My bear was featured on the front page of Etsy, and I was very grateful. It's really a win-win situation. I opened my Etsy account in 2006, & sold my 1st pincushion in 2008. Thanks for the support from my customers! I love you all.

Tell me about the things you sell in your shop:
Most of my dolls & stuffed animals are for decoration. Decoration is good, but I wanted my items to be pretty & functional. I made smaller things to save space. I once made a very cute hedgehog that was 2 in long. I started wondering if I could make my products more useful, so I turned them into pincushions. I used a bottle cap as a base (I like to recycle) & it made it more stable.

What inspires you:
I get inspiration from fairy tales, movies, other artists' work, jokes, or random pictures...pretty much everything. It's a great excuse to spend alot of time online ^____^
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