some news + happy friday!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing week! It is finally the weekend and
I have been so busy lately, I need a break! Many of you don't know that I am moving
across the states in the middle of November ( From Oregon to Virginia )! I am nervous,
yet excited & I was hoping to hear some moving tips; I would appreciate it! Oh, by
the way, we are going to be driving the whole way, and i'm also bringing my dog, Chanel.

It will be a sad day when I leave Portland ):
( picture source: unknown )

ALSO! I recently opened a big cartel shop! I still have my etsy shop, so don't worry!
I just wanted to try something different and see what the difference was using a different website.
For my new shop, you can use the coupon code "GRANDOPENING" & get 15% off!
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