new beaded bar bracelets

Hello! You know what? Yesterday, I COMPLETELY forgot it was Halloween! I didn't realize it until
I saw the google homepage, haha! So, sorry about not posting anything Halloween related yesterday!

Anyways, I have new beaded bar bracelets in the shop!
The first one is a vesuvianite stones bracelet; I just love that beautiful green color!
The next one is made with rainbow moonstones, and you can even see little sparkles of rainbows!
Oh, and FYI, I will be moving on November 10th, so the last day to purchase jewelry from my
shop will be on November 6th. I will temporarily close, & will reopen as soon as i'm settled in.
If you're the one that shops for Christmas presents early, then get them soon!
Just in case I don't open until December (;
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