diy hand carved stamp tutorial!

I was looking through my old blog posts and found this old stamp tutorial that I made many years ago and I laughed at how horrible it was haha! I decided to create an updated tutorial that is more detailed and fun! I used to make hand carved stamps for my etsy shop so it's been something that i've been doing for quite some time now! For those of you that are interested in getting started, be sure to take your time and practice! I wasn't too good at first (this was my very first stamp) but once I continued to practice I got a lot better! I hope you enjoy this tutorial I created for you guys, and please ask if you have any questions!

1. rubber carving block - staedtler mastercarve block
2. tracing paper - purchase at any local craft store
3. x-acto knife - purchase at any local craft store
4. pencil - you can use any old pencil lying around
5. carving tool - speedball linoleum cutter
Minna SoDIY128 Comments