a sneak peak...

Remember I said that that i've been busy working on a special project, and that I went on a trip to
New York for something. Well here it is! My very first, and definitely not my last antique letterpress!
This baby is over 150 years old! Wow!

Many of you don't know that when I started my shop EatPrayCreate, I actually planned for it
to be a stationary store (the first thing I ever sold was a card!), but I eventually focused more on
rubber stamps. It's always been a dream of mine to create sweet paper goods, but I never got the
chance to rekindle my love for paper. That was until I stumbled upon this beauty, and that was
when I realized that I could make my dream com true! I've been working on a new paper shop,
Floret Letterpress that I plan to open very soon! 

I will offer custom designed business cards, wedding invitations, ready-made cards, and other
lovely paper products, and you have no idea how excited I am because i've been working so
hard to create something that you all will love.

Since I am still in the early process of building up my website & store,
I will continue to update you guys on how things are going in my studio!
If you want to, you can take a peek on how things are going over at
the Floret Letterpress website, but it's a bit bare right now (:
If any of you are interested in custom stationary / business cards / invitations,
send me an email! I would love for you to be one of my first customers (:

OH! Please follow me on my new twitter account!
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